A pretty good little Emergency Ration for your 72 hour kit


I was browsing through some simple food options for camping or a 72 hour kit when I came across these S.O.S. Emergency Ration bars.  The reviews seemed pretty good and I was in the mood to “try new things” so I went ahead and ordered a couple.  After trying one I was pretty impressed.  Almost all of these types of rations will contain Coconut to supply the calories.  While I enjoy coconut I’ve had bars in the past that made me think more of drinking coconut tanning oil!  The S.O.S. bars however don’t overpower you with it.

The other interesting thing that I noticed is that, in my opinion at least, they didn’t seem to increase my thirst.  Granola bars can sometimes be very dry or worse yet a sticky mess.  I didn’t experience that with these at all.  With a 5 year shelf life I don’t mind having a few of them around to throw in our vehicles or take camping.  I ordered some more to stick a few in my 72 kit, but I think the rest will find more use on my camping trips.