Cold Weather Ahead


With the temperature dropping recently I’ve been debating picking up something warm to wear at or to work.  I’ve been debating between the following two:

Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket Condor Men’s Alpha Tactical Fleece Jacket
CondorSoftShell CondorFleece

At the moment I am leaning more towards the Tactical Fleece.  Partially because I already have a nice Pea Coat but it’s not something I would wear around as much inside.  I really like the Soft Shell Jacket, especially the stow away hood but as silly as it may seem, the placement of the side pockets bothers me.  I like to put my hands in the pockets of my jackets when standing idle or cold and the placement of them on the Soft Shell inhibits that.  Whichever one I get I’ll do a review on and let you know what I think.