Another reason Amazon is awesome!


While browsing Amazon about a week ago I noticed a spotlight ad for Amazon’s newest device Echo.  After running through the marketing material I was pretty impressed and ready to give one a try.  That’s when I saw it.  “Sign up to request and invite and If selected, you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to purchase in the coming weeks.”  Needless to say the marketing worked, now I really wanted one!  Fast forward to today where I again find myself pining over the Echo and looking for a way to coerce an invite.

Being in a playful mood I crafted the following email and sent it to Echo Customer Service Team.

“Greetings follower of the Amazon,

I have been enraptured by the whisperings of the blessing of Echo.  What
sacrifice dost thou demand that I might receive an invite to partake of
such bounty?  I have virgins ready to push into volcanoes, forsake me not!

Your loyal follower,

Joshua of the clan Terry”

Must to my surprise a few hours later I received one of the best responses to one of my emails to date.  Just in case you needed one more reason that Amazon is awesome I submit the following reply.

“Warmest greetings Joshua of the clan Terry,

I am Katie McCloud of the Clan McCloud.

Echo surely is a blessing, as we require no sacrifice for thou to request an invitation to experience its wondrous bounty.

I beg of thee to follow the link below to request thine invitation to join our throng of loyal Echo followers.

I do preach patience, my son! We expect to begin sending invitations in the weeks to come. Alas, I have no information on how the mighty few that will be bestowed the honor of receiving an Echo will be chosen.

Thanks be to thee for thy never ending fealty.”

Katie, where ever your at thanks for making my day!