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Is a Pre-shaving cream worth it?


The first time I came across a pre-shaving cream I was very skeptical.  The only reason I even looked into it any further was because of the great experience I’ve had with Proraso products in the past.  The reviews for it are great but the description left with some unanswered questions, namely what do you do with it?  I assumed perhaps it was something that you put on and then washed off before applying shaving cream.  This perception only served to increase my skepticism.  After doing some research I learned that you apply it before you shave and your shaving cream goes on top of it.

Proraso Pre-Shave CreamBeing happy with the brand as a whole I decided to take a chance.  It arrives in a very nice little glass jar that has survived many drops from 5 and a half feet without any damage.  Following the advice that I found online I applied the Proraso Pre-Shave Cream first.  It has the consistency of a face cream like Noxema.  Almost immediately I noticed a cooling sensation and within a moment I noticed that the hair felt softer.  I wasn’t sure how well applying shaving cream over the top of it was going to work.  I had imagined that it would simply move it around or wipe it off but I could not have been more wrong.

When applying the shaving cream over the top of the pre-shave cream the lather was much thicker and more full.  I have actually enjoyed shaving since I switched to a safety razor and Proraso Shave Cream, but this felt even better!  The Pre-Shave Cream really does make my skin feel great after I shave.  It doesn’t require much and a single container lasted for over a month.  I am extremely glad I took a chance on this.  I’m looking forward to trying their version with Eucalyptus Oil

So to answer the question.  While I can’t speak for all pre-shave creams, in the case of Proraso the answer is YES it is definitely worth it.